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What is the HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre?

The HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre +39 0165 35.330 offers customer assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

What should I do if my flight arrives late?

If you know you will be arriving late, contact the HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre.  The driver will wait you in amy case for up to 60 minutes from your scheduled arrival time, thereafter charging €25 per hour or portion thereof for vehicles carrying up to 8 passengers, or €45 per hour or portion thereof for vehicles carrying from 9 to 50 passengers.

How do I find my driver at the airport?

Your HOW2TRANSFER driver, if not agreed upon diversely, will await you with HOW2TRANSFER sign which will have your name on it at the passenger exit of the Arrivals Area after Customs.  For other arrivals, for example at train stations, your driver will await you at the head of the arriving train;  at ports you will find him at the wharf where passengers disembark.

What happens if I am unable to find my driver at the airport?

Contact the HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre , which will immediately put you in touch with your driver.

How long will I have to wait at the airport from the time of my arrival?

If you have booked a Private Service or VIP service, you will never have to wait; if you have booked the Scheduled Shuttle Service the departure time of each transfer will depend on the timetable and you will maintain the departure of your scheduled shuttle at the time that you booked it. In case that you have booked the Scheduled Shuttle Service but you have been on a delayed or cancelled flight at arrival time in airport you can wait around an hour for the arrival of another flight with passengers who can share with you the transfer taking into account that the bus has free seats.

 If I forget something in the vehicle, how can I get it back?

Contact our HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre , furnishing pertinent information regarding the transfer and your missing articles.  We will search for and return what you left behind, at no cost  if possibile; otherwise you will only be charged for delivery costs.

Do children pay ?

Unfortunately we must charge for all occupied seats.

Reservations:  How do I get a refund?

Please read the HOW2TRANSFER Terms and Conditions for special circumstances.

Can I have the driver's mobile phone number?

No. Please contact the HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre regarding any questions or problems.

I have a lot of luggage and a bicycle; will there be enough  room in the vehicle?

Every passenger has an allowance of one suitcase and one bag containing either skis or a snowboard.  At the time you book your transfer, you must indicate what kind of luggage you will be  bringing;  HOW2TRANSFER retains the right to accept or refuse the transportation of excess baggage, meaning that if we accept your baggage, we will inform you of the relative increase in cost.

Can we stop at a supermarket or a shop during the trip?

Only if you have chosen Private Service, and by paying the driver a supplement equal to the time spent, which is calculated at €25,00 per hour or fraction thereof or €45 per hour or portion thereof for vehicles carrying from 9 to 50 passengers.

Can I make reservations from home, a hotel or office?

Yes, you can use our online service at  following indications on the  Reservations page in order to book either "Shuttle Service" or "Private Service", or "VIP Service"

How far in advance must I book the transfer? 

You must book at least 24 hours before your transfer;  otherwise, you may contact the HOW2TRANSFER Call Centre in order to check availability.

Is "Private Service" a direct transfer which does not make stops  during the trip?

A Private Service transfer is always a direct, door-to-door service. Shared transfers may stop in order to take on or let out other passengers during the trip.

Does my driver speak English?

Most HOW2TRANSFER drivers speak English and French.

Must I share the vehicle with other people?

No, not if you have booked "Private Service"or "VIP Service". Yes, if you have booked "Shuttle Service".

What types of vehicles/buses do you utilise?

HOW2TRANSFER boasts a fleet of cars/vans of well-known vehicles (Fiat, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) equipped for winter roads and with extra baggage space; they are also linked to their headquarters via satellite positioning and mobile phones.

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