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Information regarding the protection of personal data. 

HOW2TRANSFER, through its booking operations and their relative confirmation, acquires data relative to clients and/or passengers necessary to complete said booking, and/or for other firms which provide services for HOW2TRANSFER, for contractual obligations towards said clients and/or passengers

Therefore, the above-mentioned data will be utilised exclusively for the purpose previously described, as well as the finalisation of managing the service, billing and processing, respecting the principle of propriety and legal disposition; the refusal to provide such data will not consent HOW2TRANSFER to execute its obligations.  Personal data may be provided by HOW2TRANSFER to subjects whose responsibility it is to carry out activities necessary for the execution of transfers and given out exclusively for this finality.  The client and/or passenger is protected under rights and therefore at any time may:  1)  Refuse the processing of personal data for legitimate reasons or in cases where the use of said data is for intended for publicity or direct sales, or for marketing research or commercial proposals, and to be informed at the moment in which the data is communicated and disseminated, of the possibility of freely exercising such a right;  2) request confirmation of the existence of said personal data at HOW2TRANSFER headquarters (even though he has not yet been registered) and their communication in an intelligible manner. A fee may be requested for every such request where the existence of data regarding the passenger requesting information is found to be non-existent.  This fee will not exceed the cost born by HOW2TRANSFER; 3) obtain an indication of the origin of personal data, of the scope and manner of processing, as well as the logic applied in cases of processing effected utilising electronic equipment, of the identification of those responsible for the processing of said personal data,  as well as subjects and categories of subjects to which personal data may be transmitted or gain access;  obtain an update, correction or inclusion;  request cancellation, conversion in an anonymous manner or access restriction to data processed, in violation of the law, including those which are not necessarily essential to maintain in order to fulfill the scope for which such data was provided and then processed,  as well as obtaining attestation that said operations were carried out with the knowledge of those whose data was received or disseminated, except for cases in which such fulfilment was impossible or entails the use of means manifestly disproportionate to safeguarded rights.  Obtaining the cancellation of personal data is subject to the dispatching of a written communication via fax, email or mail to the carrier's headquarters.  Data will be kept for the period necessary to process accounting and taxes in accordance with the law but for a term of no longer than 10 years.

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