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Official Driver of HOW2TRANSFER

Becoming an Official Driver of HOW2TRANSFER is easy.

HOW2TRANSFER is presented as a "broker" for customers and following the receipt of their transfer requests will immediately forward the request to the Drivers of reference area, both by the smartphone and by email, requiring the availability and the price of the moment.

The car rental with a driver companies who would like to collaborate with our portal, without the constraints of exclusivity and without any
cost, are kindly asked to provide their data, web address, email and mobile phone number, with own operational base and the type of vehicles of own fleet.

At the time of acceptance of the partnership between HOW2TRANSFER and your company, you will receive service Regulation with all related payment guarantees of the provided services.

If you wish to become the Official Driver of HOW2TRANSFER please simply click here and fill out the request form.

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