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1.General Introduction of HOW2TRANSFER

HOW2TRANSFER is a company branch of HOW2 SRL with head office in CUNEO-RONCHI (Italy) fr.Basse di Chiusano, 10; VAT NUMBER 03536880044. Phone-fax +39 0171 1740 000 ;

HOW2TRANSFER offers the transportation of persons from major European airports to major tourists locations and European cities by online bookings made on the website by HOW2TRANSFER clients.  In order to provide services, HOW2TRANSFER avails itself on the collaboration of the  the local transportation firms operating in the country. 

Provided transfers  are not considered as “ travel packages” according to the Council Directive 90/314/CEE of 13 June 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours, and therefore HOW2TRANSFER shall not be considered аs travel agency.

2. Online Booking

a) The following conditions hereby described, in addition to the information contained on he website of the HOW2TRANSFER  and on the voucher, shall costitute the contract with its customers. The client, before making an online reservation, should ensure that have read and understand all term and conditions of HOW2TRANSFER that are governing the contract. HOW2TRANSFER customer service is at your service for any questions and information you need regarding travel conditions.

b) HOW2TRANSFER has the right to modify or make changes at present conditions  for unavoidable reasons, that will be published in any case on the own website. The customer must, therefore, to ensure about any variations by clarifying the conditions that will governs the purchase  at the time of notification.

c) The person who makes the reservation (The Client) must be considered as an agent regarding other members of the group (Passengers) and as such accepts HOW2TRANSFER conditions on their behalf.

d) If the booking is made by telephone or fax, said booking is also subject to HOW2TRANSFER conditions.

e)  At the time of booking the client declares that she/he is an adult and guarantees that all information given is true, correct and complete, and that the credit/debit card used belongs to the client and is able to cover the cost of the service. 

f) HOW2TRANSFER is not responsible for eventual errors in client's booking and will not refund the client in case of a missed transfer due for those client errors. If client error causes HOW2TRANSFER or its service provider to effect a transfer that differs from that as described in requested booking, and as a result brings about added costs to the service originally requested, the client must pay the difference (which will be communicated to the client by the HOW2TRANSFER office) directly to the driver before the transfer will be made.

g) At the time of booking full payment of the service is requested. The reservation made by the client is considered as a "booking request", which will be emailed to,  along with a copy to the client, which will allow the service to be charged on the client's credit card for the amount of the transfer requested. 

h) The client, in case of acceptance of the reservation on the part of HOW2TRANSFER will receive an email confirming the booking (Transport Voucher) and the cost of the service will be charged to the credit card given by the client at the moment the transfer was requested. The email sent by HOW2TRANSFER is to be considered  proof of receipt by client.

i)  If for any reason HOW2TRANSFER is unable to provide the service requested, the client will receive an email from HOW2TRANSFER cancelling the "Booking Request". In this case, the client's credit card will not be charged.

j) The booking confirmation (Transport Voucher) is for all effects, the client's ticket. The voucher must be printed and presented to the HOW2TRANSFER driver before the transfer is to be effected.  The "booking request" has no validity as a travel document.

k)  It is the client's responsibility to check all information printed on the Transport Voucher in order to confirm that the booking corresponds the the information given at the time of booking. Any errors must be communicated via email to before the transfer is to be effected.

l)  The client is responsible for providing a valid cell phone number of at least one of the passengers, including its international prefix, for eventual communications, as departure time may vary due to bad weather or intense traffic conditions, or any other motive which might effect pickup time. If the client does not have a cell number, the client must provide the phone number of the resort where he will be staying. Any changes in pickup times will be sent by HOW2TRANSFER by phone call or sms within the 24 hours preceding the transfer. It is therefore the passenger's responsibility to check for any eventual messages left by HOW2TRANSFER on their cell phone.

m)   If no contact number is given on the booking, it is the client's or passenger's responsibility to contact HOW2TRANSFER in order to check for any eventual variations in the booking.

n)   In the case of changes in pickup times or any other variation that result in the passenger's missing a transfer as a result of the client's not contacting HOW2TRANSFER, the client and/or passenger will not be refunded.

3. Transportation

a)            Through our website, HOW2TRANSFER offers the following types of STANDARD vehicles for transfer services:

1.            car (from 1 to 2 passengers);

2.            car SW (from 3 to 4 passengers);

3.            small van (from 5 to 6 passengers);

4.            van (from 7 to 8 passengers);

5.            minibus (from 9 to 14 passengers);

6.            minibus plus (from 15 to 19 passengers);

7.            midbus (from 20 to 30 passengers);

8.            bus (from 31 to 40 passengers);

9.            bigbus (from 41 to 52 passengers);

10.          maxibus (from 53 to 75 passengers);

b) Through our website, HOW2TRANSFER offers the following types of transfer services in various served locations, both compatible with the availability of own Drivers and those based on the Client request:

1)            Private Transfer The customer buys a transfer service exclusively for himself and / or group to which it belongs. The vehicle, therefore, is entirely with the customer for the service booked. The driver will lead customers from the point of departure to the point of arrival decided by the client. The transfer is provided corresponding to the vehicles category as following:

STANDARD (without any car branded distinction) or 8 seated Vans, car SW and vans of higher category.

PRESTIGE newly registered cars: Mercedes classe E, BMW serie 5, Audi A6 or equivalent.

2)            Transfer Shuttle door to door. The client purchases one or more seats in a specific type of vehicle, and as such, the service may be shared with other passengers. The client understands that during the transfer, the shuttle may effect short detours or stops in order to pick up or drop off other passengers, or transfer passengers from one vehicle to another during the trip.  Pick-up times in these cases may be shifted ahead of scheduled time or delayed for up to 1 hour from the time as shown on the  booking. The client accepts these possible modifications in scheduled pickup times. The variation of timetables will be communicated promptly to the Client, by the Customer Service of HOW2TRANSFER. Door to door shuttle service is normally offered with an 8-seater minivan, but in certain cases may also be made with buses having up to a 50-passenger seating capacity.

3)            Transfer Bus Shuttle with pre-established pick-up times. The client purchases one or more seats in a specific type of vehicle at a pre-established departure time; in this manner, the transfer may be shared with other passengers and will depart at one of the hours offered by HOW2TRANSFER and chosen by the client. The client understands that during the transfer, the shuttle may effect short detours or stops in order to pick up or drop off other passengers, or transfer passengers from one vehicle to another during the trip.  Pick-up times in these cases may be shifted ahead of scheduled time or delayed for up to 1 hour from the time as shown on the  booking. The client accepts these possible modifications in scheduled pickup times. The variation of timetables will be communicated promptly to the Client, by the Customer Service of HOW2TRANSFER. Clients are requested to be at the meeting point at least ten minutes before the departure time as described on their booking Door to door shuttle service with pre-established pickup times is normally offered with an 8-seater minivan, but in certain cases may also be made with buses having up to a 30-passenger seating capacity.

       4.           VIP Transfer. The client purchases a transfer services provided by luxury cars at the own disposition for the requested service.

4. Baggage

a)  All passengers are allowed one suitcase and one carry-on. The sum of the Length + Width + Height of the suitcase, must not exceed 158cm, meanwhile hand luggage intended as hand bags or small cross body bag will be kept in the car by the passenger. All the luggages must be clearly identified with the name of the owner and the address of destination.  Passengers who travel to ski resorts can bring one pair of skis or a snowboard, which must be declared at the moment of booking.  Any other luggage must be described at the moment of booking under “Special Requests”. HOW2TRANSFER  reserves the right to charge a supplement for excess baggage if that baggage results in the use of a larger vehicle than would normally be used for the number of passengers booked HOW2TRANSFER  shall make all reasonable effeort to satisfy any particular requirement indicated in the appropriate space by own Clients but it has no obligation to do so. 

b) All baggage must have name tags indicating the owner's name and destination. All baggage is the sole responsibility of the client who will not be refounded for lost or damaged luggage.  Luggage forgotten in the transfer vehicle will be taken to the address given by the Client at his own expense.

c) If clients are travelling with a golf bag or bicycle, for which there is a supplemental charge, these must be indicated in the correct space on the booking form. If they are not declared on the booking, HOW2TRANSFER may refuse transport of objects that were not inserted in said form.

5. Delays

a. HOW2TRANSFER is not responsible for verifying delays or cancellations in any flight, train, ship or other means of transport utilised by the Client. It is the Client's responsibility to immediately communicate any delays to the HOW2TRANSFER offices.

b. If the Client has booked a private or regular shuttle transfer and their flight, train, ship or other means of transport is delayed or cancelled, the driver will wait up to 60 minutes from the scheduled arrival time. After 60 minutes, and having received communication and acceptance by the Client, a supplement of 25 euros will be applied for every hour or fraction thereof if the Client has booked a car or 30 euros for minivan from 4 up to 8 passengers and 45 euros for every hour or fraction thereof if the Client has booked a vehicule from 9 to 50 passengers, to be paid directly to the driver before the transfer is effected.  If the Client does not inform HOW2TRANSFER of a delay that goes beyond the 60-minute limit, or refuses to pay above-mentioned supplement for ulterior delay, the driver will leave and the Client will have missed his transfer.  No refund is given in this case.

c. If the Client has booked a door to door shuttle service with a fixed pickup time and there is a delay or cancellation of their flight, train, ship or other means of transport, the Client will receive transport on the next available door to door shuttle service available.  If no other shuttle service of the same type is available, the Client will be offered a private transfer if available. If the Client does not accept this alternative, he will have missed his transfer and will have no right to a reimbursement.

d. HOW2TRANSFER will do everything in its power to arrive at Client's destination on time, but specifies that in no case will it be responsible for any consequences suffered by the Client as a result of transfers unable to arrive on time due to circumstances beyond the control of HOW2TRANSFER not directly related to the driver, such as force majeure (heavy traffic, bad weather, unexpected road detours, accidents, police road blocks, situations in which the authorities control traffic for reasons of public safety, etc).

e. It is possible for the Client to make a documented and well-motivated request for a refund in the amount of the transfer previously paid if the service requested was not carried out or completed, and was not a result of force majeure or the Client's own decision, having renounced the service in cases as described in Article 6/a.

6. Insurance

The vehicles used by HOW2TRANSFER Drivers are properly insured for third party liability in accordance with applicable regulations of the country in which the transfer is made.

However, we recommend to subscribe with own expenses insurance of passengers in the event of cancellation and for the costs of assistance in case of accident, loss of baggage, loss of money or other.

7. Regulations and Prohibitions

a) All transfers effected by HOW2TRANSFER, with the exception of shuttle bus service at fixed times, are door to door transfers. Nonetheless, there are destinations where it is not possible to arrive with mentioned means of transport used by HOW2TRANSFER, such as certain hotels in the centre of Venice or locations such as Zermatt, Saas Fee, Avoriaz (this is not a complete list). In these cases, it is the Client's responsibility to contact HOW2TRANSFER offices in order to verify departure times and pickup locations so that they are confirmed by the Client. Cases in which the Client does not contact HOW2TRANSFER offices and misses his transfer are not eligible for refunds.

b) Smoking is forbidden on all vehicles of HOW2TRANSFER

c) The drivers  of HOW2TRANSFER may refuse to transport anyone who might be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered threatening to the driver himself, for vehicles or other passengers.

d) It is not allowed to bring on the vehicles used by HOW2TRANSFER alcoholic beverages or drugs with the intent to consume them.

8. Cancelations

a. HOW2TRANSFER reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time if unable to guarantee transfer service in a correct manner;  in this case, the Client will receive a refund for the cost of service as booked.

b. Booking cancellations may only be effected via email to and will be confirmed (via email) by HOW2TRANSFER. If the Client does not receive an email confirming cancellation of service, it is the Client's responsibility to call the HOW2TRANSFER offices

c. Booking cancellations must be made at least seven days prior to first transfer date. In this case no penalty will be applied and HOW2TRANSFER will refund the cost of the booked transfer and supplements where applicable;  credit card transaction fees (euro 5,00) or other method of payment charges are excluded from refund.  If cancellation is effected within the seven days prior to first date of service, no refund is available to Client.

9. Modifications

a) Modifications to be made on booked transfers and applicable supplements must be sent to at least 24 hours prior to transfer.

b)  If the Client does not receive an email confirming acknowledgement of modification, it is the Client's responsibility to call HOW2TRANSFER offices.

c) HOW2TRANSFER reserves the right to refuse modifications.

10. Refunds

a) The legal rights of the customer may in no case be denied or reduced.

b) Any complaints and relative requests for refunds must be sent to HOW2TRANSFER at the following email address , within 30 days of transfer date.

c) All payments will only be refunded if cancelled by HOW2TRANSFER.

11. Language

On the website of  it possible to make the reservation of transfer different languages. 

If any discrepancies are found in the translations of the HOW2TRANSFER website from Italian to other languages, the Italian version will prevail as the legal text.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

The system conceived and created on the HOW2TRANSFER portal has been filed as international patent  and is protected by international rules governing intellectual property, in addition to the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the internet site.

It is therefore forbidden to use content by third-party for other purposes than reservation of transfers, including modification with  following partial or total  reproduction and posting, without explicit written consent from HOW2TRANSFER, which severely are warning in any circumstance, the illicit use of own website and own system, for any purpose.

13. Applicable Law and Competence

The present General Terms and Conditions, are subject to Italian Law. For any dispute that could arrise  between the Client and HOW2TRANSFER will be submitted under the jurisdiction of the Italian Law.

The resolution of any possible controversy between the parties will be submitted to jurisdiction of Italian Law at the regional Court of Cuneo (Italy).

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