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BRNO is located in South Moravian Region (Jihomoravský kraj, Jizni Morava) occupies the southeast of the Czech Republic. At first glance, the landscape of the region seems a little different from most of Bohemia - the same combination of low (up to 750 meters) mountains, rolling hills and dense forests. But as you move south, the landscape becomes more flat, the land more fertile, orchards and vineyards interspersed with picturesque river plains, and small villages and towns are practically closed by their outskirts.
When traveling to these places, you should definitely visit colorful folk festivals in Blatnice (Blatnice, 95 km northwest of Brno), Vlčnov (Vlcnov, 20 km north of Blatnice) and Straznice, 60 km southeast of the capital of southern Moravia.
Also, from time immemorial, the land here has given good grapes, so numerous private distilleries and cellars (vinne sklipky) are happy to receive all guests. In provincial towns like Petrov (3 km southwest of Straznice) they are partially located underground; in Vlchnov they are more like huts, and in Prusanka (Prusanky, 50 km southeast of Brno) they actually constitute a separate village, so when you visit them, in addition to the tastings that are usual for such an event, you can also get acquainted with folk architecture. HOW2TRANSFER provides you with the best transfer from and to the airport with BRNO, very comfortably at the lowest price on the market. HOW2TRANSFER offers a wide range of transfers to and from BRNO,  fixed-time shuttles, standard, prestige and luxury private transfers, as well as minibuses and buses for groups traveling together. Choose your arrival airport on HOW2TRANSFER and book your travel to and from online BRNO," simply and quickly. The day before your arrival or your departure you will receive our service confirmation message on your phone with the name and telephone number of the Driver who will take care of you, accompanying you to your destination.

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